Extron USB Extender Decora TX Transmitter - Decorator-Style Version - White 60-1252-13 NEW

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The USB Extender Series enables USB peripheral devices to be remotely located up to 450 feet (135 meters) from the host computer. The extender consists of a transmitter and receiver set that are linked using a single, standard CAT 5/5e/6 or CAT 7 cable. The receiver features a built-in, active four port hub that supplies 5 Volts, 500 mA to each port to power attached devices. This allows peripherals such as smart phones, webcams, personal media players, and mass storage devices to be connected and powered or charged at the same time. The USB Extender Series is ideal for use in applications utilizing the Extron Annotator and remote touchscreen displays, as well as applications that require the remote location of USB peripherals such as interactive whiteboards, keyboards, mice, and other human interface devices.