Extron Crosspoint 450 Plus 1616 HVA 60-332-11

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  • Inputs: Video on female BNC connectors; audio on captive screw connectors
  • Outputs: Video on female BNC connectors; audio on captive screw connectors
  • 450 MHz (-3 dB) RGB bandwidth, fully loaded — Offers the performance required to maintain signal integrity with the most demanding high resolution signals.
  • Extremely flat response — Switcher performance is further enhanced by the extremely flat response in the critical portion of the bandwidth curve, between 0 and 130 MHz.
  • ADSP™ - Advanced Digital Sync Processing technology — An exclusive, all-digital process that regenerates the sync signal waveform and restores sync level to 5.0 V p-p, TTL, specifications. This ensures a stable sync signal for improved signal compatibility with any LCD, DLP, plasma, or other digital display device.
  • DSVP™ - Digital Sync Validation Processing — Verifies active sources by polling all inputs for valid sync signals. DSVP then transmits the horizontal and vertical sync information to the user through the serial or IP Link ports.
  • RGBHV switching — All models switch separate horizontal and vertical sync to ensure proper sync polarity, providing a more stable image. All models are also fully compatible with RGBS, RGsB, HDTV, component video, S-video, and composite video signals.
  • Channel to channel isolation — Provides excellent isolation between channels and extremely low electromagnetic emissions, perfect for minimizing signal leakage in high security or government environments.
  • Buffered I/O — Each input and output is individually buffered to provide maximum performance and virtually no crosstalk or signal interference between channels.
  • Triple-Action Switching™ for RGB Delay — Blanks the screen when switching to a new source. The new sync signals precede the RGB signals, so there is no glitch shown during the transition. The time delay between the RGB and sync signals is adjustable up to five seconds through front panel, IP Link, or serial control.
  • Switches both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio, HVA models only